Savvy Travelers’ Guide: Bringing Food Through Security At The Airport

Getting Through Airport Security Can Be The Most Stressful Part Of Flying. Do You Wear Your Shoes Or Take Them Off? What About Wearing A Belt? And How Much Liquid Can You Bring On A Plane?

What About The Items I Can Bring On An Aircraft As Checked Luggage? Then There’s The Matter Of Food And Beverages. You’re Probably Aware That Bringing A Bottle Of Water Through Security Is A Bad Idea, As It’s One Of The TSA’s Most Often Confiscated Items.

But What If You’re Not Going On An Airline With The Best Food And Want To Carry A Bagged Lunch Or Snack To Save Money On Airport Food? Can You Bring Food On A Plane?

We’ve Got The Answers To All Your TSA Carry-On Rules Queries, Whether You Want To Bring Meals On A Lengthy Journey, Are Going For The Holidays With Delicacies, Or Are Returning Home With Culinary Keepsakes.

Don’t Depart Without First Reviewing This List Of The Top Foods To Avoid Bringing On A Plane, As Well As The TSA Food Restrictions That Regulate Them.

Is It Possible To Bring Food On A Plane?

The Simple Answer Is That You Can Bring Food On An Aircraft And Go Through TSA, However… Not All Food.

Next Vacay Travel Experts Recommend Remembering These Two Typical TSA Food Rules: A Solid Item Can Pass Through A Checkpoint. However, If It Is Liquid And Weighs More Than 3.4 Ounces, It Must Be Tested.

Things Get A Little Trickier After That. Can You Carry Food On A Plane, Such As A Sandwich? Yes. How About Some Cheese?

It All Depends. Pb&J? Yes, For The Sandwich, But Maybe Not For The Individual Ingredients. Confused? We Understand, And We’ll Get Into More Detail Below.

One Thing To Keep In Mind: Most Of These Rules Only Apply When Traveling Within The United States; Overseas Rules May Differ. If You’re Traveling Internationally, You Should Also Check With Customs About Declaring Any Meals You Bring Back From Another Country.

The TSA Website Includes A Comprehensive List Of Food Products That You Can And Cannot Bring With You On Your Forthcoming Vacation. You Might Be Surprised To Learn That These Unusual Things Got It Through Security.

Is It Possible To Eat On A Plane?

First And Foremost. Before You Prepare A Mile-High Picnic, Consider Whether You’ll Be Able To Consume It In The Air. Yes! As You May Be Aware, The National Mask Mandate On Public Transportation Was Withdrawn On April 18, 2022,

Which Means You Are No Longer Compelled To Wear Face Masks On Planes Or In Airports To Prevent The Spread Of Covid-19—Though The Risk Remains, As New Versions Emerge.

That Being Said, You’re Free To Eat And Drink On Flights Again, Whether They’re Given By Flight Attendants Or Some Of The Acceptable Foods And Beverages Listed Below.

Is It Possible To Bring A Sandwich On A Plane?

Because Pb&Js Are Cleared For Takeoff, Feed The Family With Homemade Sandwiches While You Fly! So Is Ham And Cheese, Bologna And Mustard, A Deli Hoagie, Avocado Toast, And Other Foods.

You Can Bring It Through TSA And Onto The Plane If It Fits In Your Bag And Contains Layers Of Food Between The Bread, Though Your Neighbors Will Probably Be Grateful If You Leave The Egg Salad And Other Aromatic Options At Home. (This Is Only One Example Of How You Can Be Courteous When Flying.)

While You Can Carry Food On A Plane, Keep In Mind That Whatever You Spread On Bread, Such As Mayo Or Mustard, Is Allowed In Sandwich Form, But You Can’t Bring A Large Jar Through Security Unless It Falls Below The TSA’s Liquid Limitations.

You Can, However, Buy It At The Airport And Bring It On Board. More Information Is Provided Below.

Is It Possible To Bring Spreadable Meals On A Plane?

What If You Want To Bring Peanut Butter And Jelly, Or A Jar Of Mayonnaise Or Mustard, To Create Your Own Sandwich On The Plane?

Not So Quickly. According To The TSA, Creamy Dips And Spreads, As Well As Jelly And Jam, Are Classified As “Gel” Under The “Liquid, Gel, Aerosol” Category.

The 3-1-1 Rule States That 3.4-Ounce Containers Must Fit In A Single One-Quart Bag. Or, As The TSA Puts It, “If You Can Spill, Spread, Spray, Pump, Or Pour It,” Then Inspect It.

So Keep Your Peanut Butter And Jelly In Small Containers, Check It, Or Leave It Behind. The Same Applies For Your Onion Dip, Hummus, Cream Cheese, And Even Brie—Yes, Brie Is Spreadable, According To The TSA, Though A Hunk Of Cheddar Will Suffice.

It Should Be Noted That If You Are Flying From One Domestic Airport To Another, You Are Permitted To Bring Any Food Purchased In The Airport On Board To Consume.

Is It Possible To Bring Alcohol On A Plane?

Any Liquids In Containers Greater Than 3.4 Ounces Are Prohibited From Being Brought Through Security, So You Can’t Bring A Large Drink From Home Or Outside The Airport.

However, If You Can Find Little Bottles Of 3.4 Ounces Or Less That Fit In A Single One-Quart Bag, You Can Take Them Through Security. Of Course, Once You’ve Cleared Security, You’ll Have Access To A World Of High-Priced Airport Beverages.

Everything From A Cappuccino To A Smoothie, Bottled Coke To Expensive Water Is Permitted To Be Brought On Board And To Your Airport Seat.

If You Don’t Want To Spend Money At The Airport, There Is A Workaround: Ice. Water Or Juice In Solid, Frozen Form Is Permitted Through Security Because It Is Not A Liquid… Yet.

So, You Can Freeze A Water Bottle Or Juice Box, Carry It With You, And Then Drink It After It Has Thawed. However, If Frozen Liquid Items Are Partially Melted, Mushy, Or Have Any Liquid At The Bottom Of The Container, They Must Meet The 3-1-1 Liquid Standards, According To The TSA.

Consider Bringing A Reusable Water Bottle Instead, Guzzle It Before Going Through Security, Or Arrive With It Empty And Fill It Up Once You’ve Been Cleared.

Furthermore, “Medically Necessary Gel Ice Packs In Reasonable Quantities” Are Permitted, Regardless Of Their Physical State (Melted Or Slushy). If You’re Bringing Infant Supplies, The Same Rules Apply. (For More Information, See Below.)

Is It Possible To Bring Holiday Food On A Plane?

Whether You’re In Charge Of Providing The Gingerbread House, Traveling With Food Gifts, Or Can’t Stop Eating Leftover Stuffing, It’s Crucial To Know What’s Safe To Fly.

First, The Good News: You Can Bring Gingerbread Houses, As Well As Cakes, Pies, Cookies, And Other Baked Goodies. Meats (Including The Festive Ham), Fresh Fruits And Vegetables, And, Yes, Stuffing Are All Ok.

Casseroles Are Also Acceptable (Though They May Be Difficult To Transport). However, Runny Frosting, Cranberry Sauce, Eggnog, Canned Sugar Plums, And Other Canned Fruits Must Be Less Than 3.4 Ounces In Weight Or They Must Be Checked.

While You May Be Your Family’s Chosen Christmas Ham Carver, Keep In Mind That Sharp Objects Will Not Get Through Security, So Leave Them At Home.

Of Course, Any Christmas Treats Purchased At The Airport And Passed Through Security Are Permissible To Bring On The Plane.

The Only Absolute No For Food And Drinks You Can’t Carry On A Plane? Alcohol That Is More Than 140 Proof. It Will Not Pass Through Security In Your Carry-On Or Checked Bag.

Less Potent Mini-Bottles Weighing Less Than 3.4 Ounces May Be Transported Through Security, But Anything Larger Must Be Scrutinized.

Alcohol Purchased At An Airport, Such As A Duty-Free Shop, Can Be Transported On The Plane, But It Must Be Stored For The Duration Of The Voyage And Cannot Be Drunk In Flight.

It Is Prohibited To Consume Your Own Alcohol That You Bring Onboard The Plane While En Route, So Keep Those Minis Safely Stored In Your Carry-On.

Is It Possible To Bring Infant Food On A Plane?

The TSA, Thankfully, Offers Exceptions To The 3.4-Ounce Liquid Rule For Parents With Small Children. You Can Bring Formula, Breast Milk, And Juice For Newborns And Toddlers Onboard In “Reasonable Quantities,” As Long As You Alert An Officer And Are Ready To Subject Them To Additional Screening.

“Inform The TSA Officer If You Do Not Want The Formula, Breast Milk, And/Or Juice X-Rayed Or Opened,” The TSA Says. Extra Steps Will Be Taken To Remove The Liquid, And You Will Be Subjected To Extra Screening Processes, Including A Pat-Down And Examination Of Other Carry-On Property.”

This Is Also One Of The Few Occasions When Travellers Can Pass Through Security With Partially Melted Ice Packs.

Is It Possible To Bring A Pizza On A Plane?

A Domino’s Pickup Is Certainly Less Expensive Than Any Of The Terminal’s Food Options. Fortunately, The TSA Grants Pizza Its Official Approval… Good Luck Fitting An Entire Pie Into Your Carry-On.

Before Going Through Security, You Should Probably Stack The Slices In A Smaller Container. Of Course, Any Pizza Purchased At The Airport Is Acceptable For Flight.

Now That You Know What Meals You May And Cannot Bring On A Plane, Check Out What Flight Attendants Say You Should Never Wear On A Plane.

In Conclusion

The TSA Regulations Can Be A Bit Confusing, But We Hope This Guide Has Cleared Up Some Of The Confusion Surrounding What You Can And Cannot Bring Onto A Plane.

The Next Time You Prepare For A Flight, Don’t Be Afraid To Pack A Delicious Sandwich, Some Holiday Food, Or Even A Pizza Slice.

Remember The Liquid And Gel Rules, Be Considerate Of Fellow Passengers, And You’ll Be Able To Fly Comfortably With Your Favorite Foods. Bon Voyage And Bon Appétit!

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