Mind-Blowing Exposé: 15 Airport Products to Ignore!

The Airport Is Essentially Its Own Self-Contained Universe. As Soon As You Have Passed Through Security, You Will Have Access To Anything And Everything You Might Require.

Air Travel Can Be A Stressful Experience, So You Might Want To Stock Up On Some Needs Before You Fly.

However, There Is No Need To Go Overboard With Your Preparations; However, You Might Want To Consider Making An Investment In Some Duty-Free Items. If You Want To Save Some Money, You Should Attempt To Avoid Buying These Products At The Airport.

In Addition, Before You Fly, You Should Look Into The Things That You Might Not Find In Airports Anymore.

Internet Access

Just Ignore The Suggestion That You Need To Pay For Wi-Fi In The Airport. Coleman Collins, A Former Full-Time Traveler And Author, Argues That Airports Take Advantage Of The Fact That Once You’ve Passed Those Security Gates, You’re A Captive Audience.

“Airports Take Advantage Of The Fact That Once You’ve Passed Those Security Gates, You’re A Captive Audience.”

First Things First, He Mentions That The Wi-Fi Is “Slow And Horribly Overpriced,” As He Puts It. But More Importantly, “Travel Provides The Ideal Opportunity For A Forced Break From The Internet.”

Your Emails Can Wait!” What About Picking Up A Book, Working On A Craft, Or Just Relaxing In Peace And Quiet Instead Of Checking Your Mobile Device?


According To Lindsay Sakraida, Director Of Content Marketing At Dealnews, A Website That Compares Prices Of Different Retailers’ Products, “Electronics Purchased At The Airport Will Cost You Significantly More Than If You Had Bought Them Ahead Of Time.”

According To The Findings Of Our Investigation, The Cost Of Electronics Is, On Average, 34 Percent Higher At The Airport Than It Would Be If Purchased Online. But What About That Charger? It Is Possible That The Price Will Be Up To Fifty Percent Higher At The Airport.”

Collins Points Out In Particular That Headphones Have A Propensity To Be Sold At Prices That Are Absurdly Inflated At Airports, Because Who Doesn’t Want To Utilize Wi-Fi When They’re Flying?

“At Those Best Buy Kiosks, You’ll Get Prices That Are The Closest You’ll Find To Retail If You Absolutely Have To Buy Them, Whether It’s For An Important Call Or Just To Survive A Six-Hour Flight,”


It Is Always A Good Idea To Eat A Good Meal Before You Fly In Order To Avoid Becoming Sick On The Airplane. However, Under Any Circumstances, You Should Avoid Purchasing Your Food In The Airport.

According To Collins, “It’s Almost Universally Overpriced, Not Very Tasty, Not Very Good For You, Or Some Combination Of The Three,” And He Says This About Practically Everything.

In Any Case, The Vast Majority Of Passengers Just Consume Food At Airports As A Means Of Passing The Time And Not Because They Are Truly Hungry.

Drinking Water, Or Anything Else For That Matter, Is Not A Requirement.

Air Travel, In Addition To Having Other Negative Affects On Your Body, Can Cause You To Get Dehydrated; Nevertheless, Seasoned Travelers Know Not To Buy Water At The Airport.

Becky Rodriguez, A Member Of The Band Lady Qs, Adds, “I Always Keep A Water Bottle With Me.” “Since You Are Not Permitted To Have Any Liquids With You While Going Through Security, I Just Put An Empty Water Bottle In My Purse Or Toss It In My Carry-On.

This Way, I Can Easily Replenish It While I’m In The Restroom. Paying Twice As Much For Something That You Can Obtain For Free Is A Complete And Utter Rip-Off! It May Not Appear To Be Much, But It Is.

Get Yourself One Of These Water Bottles That Can Be Used More Than Once Before Your Next Vacation.


Do Not, Under Any Circumstances, Make The Mistake Of Purchasing Mementos At The Airport. Peter Yang, A Seasoned Business Traveler, Claims That The Markup On Souvenirs Sold At Airports Is “Astronomical.”

“There Is An Astronomical Markup On Souvenirs At The Airport.” Make Sure You Plan Ahead And Buy Your Mementos When You’re Really On Vacation, Rather Than While You’re Traveling.

Money From Another Country

According To Jennifer Mcdermott, A Consumer Advocate And Former Communications Strategist For A Prominent Travel Firm, You Shouldn’t Convert Your Money For Foreign Currency At The Airport.

This Is Usually One Of The Last Things You’ll Think About When You’re Arranging A Trip, But It’s Still Important To Keep In Mind.

Because There Is A Lack Of Competition Among The Currency Exchange Booths At The Airport, Those Booths Have A Tendency To Demand Exorbitant Fees And Offer Conversion Rates That Are Not Even Close To Being The Best.

It Is Common Knowledge That Tourists Arrive At Their Destinations Without Adequate Preparation. Be Cautious To Steer Clear Of The Areas Of The Airport That Are Known To Have The Worst Filth.

Neck Pillows

If You Are Going On A Lengthy Flight, Arik Kislin, Co-Owner Of The Gansevoort Hotel And Alerion Aviation, A Private Jet Firm, Recommends That You Acquire A Neck Pillow Prior To Your Trip.

“Before Your Trip, Make Sure You Purchase A Neck Pillow,” He Says. “The Ones That They Sell In The Airport Are Overpriced, And They Have Been Touched And Tried On By Many Travelers Walking Through The Airport.” Yuck And Yuckier.


Do You Have A Tendency To Become Woozy While Traveling? If You Believe You Might Require Over-The-Counter (Otc) Medication While You’re Flying, Don’t Buy It At The Airport. The Costs There Are Always Inflated In Comparison To What You’d Spend Outside Of The Airport For The Same Item.

According To Chantay Bridges, Cne, Sres, Who Travels For Both Business And Pleasure, The Best Way To Prepare For Travel Is To Make An Effort To Plan Ahead And To Pack All Of The Essentials In Your Carry-On Luggage.

Rental Cars

According To Bridges, “If You Want To Obtain The Nicest Car, At The Best Price, And With The Least Amount Of Hassle, Arrange This Before You Arrive At Your Destination,”

If You Wait Until You Go To The Airport To Make Your Reservation, You Will Reduce The Number Of Options Available To You, Which Will Result In A Higher Price. Here Are Some Suggestions For Making The Most Of Your Time Spent Waiting At The Airport.


You Spent Too Much Money While You Were Away, So Why Not Buy Up An Additional Suitcase When You Get To The Airport? Bridges Advises That This Is Something You Should Never Do.

“There’s No Question That The Things You Can Buy In The Airport Are Appealing, But You Should Be Prepared To Pay A Premium For Them.” Find Out What’s Causing The Tsa To Flag Your Luggage And Investigate It.

Reading Materials

Reading Is Essential To The Health Of Your Brain, And There Is A Plethora Of Fantastic Literature Just Waiting To Be Devoured By You. But Don’t Let The Thought Occur To You Until You’ve Already Arrived At The Airport!

“Pull A Book Down From Your Shelf And Bring It With You For No Additional Charge,” Recommends Bridges. “Otherwise, You Run The Risk Of Paying That Additional Hike-Up Charge Just To Be Entertained For A Brief Period Of Time,” The Sign Read.

The Only Exception To This Rule Is If You Plan To Purchase Your Book At One Of These Remarkable Read-And-Return Outlets Located In Airports.


Chocolate Is Not Only Delicious But Also Beneficial To The Health Of Your Brain. Brittnay Sharman, One Half Of The Travelling Housesitters, Who Have Been Traveling The World For The Past Three Years And Have Been In And Out Of 25 Different Countries,

Recommends That You Do Not Purchase Anything At The Airport And Most Emphatically Not In The Duty-Free Shop At The Airport.

She Makes The Observation That “Take A Look At The Prices, And You’ll See That You’re Usually Paying Two Or Three Times More Than You’d Pay At The Supermarket,” Pointing Out That This Is The Case.

“By Including Oversized Artifacts, They Hope To Give The Impression That The Event Is More Thrilling. However, Given The Cost, Do You Truly Require That Quantity Of Chocolate?


According To Veronica Thor, A Consumer And Shopping Expert As Well As A Blogger, A Widespread Misperception Leads A Lot Of People To Stop At Duty-Free Establishments Because They Believe That By Doing So, They Will Save A Lot Of Money On Taxes.

“However, The Unfortunate Truth Is That The Marginal Reduction In Tax Liability Does Not Come Close To Offsetting The Significant Increase In Costs. This Is Especially True When It Comes To The Consumption Of Alcoholic Beverages.”

She Provides The Illustration Of Grey Goose, Which Can Be Purchased For Less Than Fifty Dollars At Costco But Is Now Retailing For Sixty Dollars At The Duty-Free Chain Duty Free Americas.

Looking To Connect To The Airport’s Free Wifi Network? This Is A Map That Includes The Wifi Passwords For Airports All Over The World.

Department Store Perfume

It Is Possible That The Perfume Being Sold At The Duty-Free Shop In The Airport Is A Knock-Off Version Of The Real Thing. It’s Not Just At The Airport That You’ll Discover Fake Perfume, But There’s A Bigger Possibility That The Retailer You Buy It From At The Airport Has No Idea If He’s Selling A Fake Version There.

Fake Perfume Can Be Found Just About Anywhere, But It’s Especially Common At Airports. To Put It Another Way, The Duty-Free Shop Can Be Peddling A Product That It Thinks Is The Genuine Article, But In Reality, It’s Not.

It Is Strongly Recommended That You Purchase Perfume Either Directly From The Company That Makes It Or From A Reputable Department Store.


According To Gari Anne Kosanke, Who Is Frequently At The Airport Because Her Spouse Works There, “Airport Parking Garages Have A Tendency To Overcharge For Long- And Short-Time Parking.”

“There Are Many Privately Owned Parking Garages Located In Close Proximity To Airports, And The Prices At These Facilities Are Significantly Lower. Some Of Them Even Offer Complimentary Shuttle Service To And From The Airport.

Using A Website Such As Cheap Airport Parking Is A Good Place To Get Started When Selecting A Garage Or Parking Lot That Is Located Off-Site.

Now That You Know What To Avoid Doing In An Airport, Here Are Some Things That You Should Probably Avoid Doing While Flying.

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